Friday, 19 May 2017

Is It Necessary To Go Through A Lawyer To Obtain An E2 Visa?

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This question is regularly asked to E2 visa lawyer. If this question is answered “literally", the answer is no – the lawyer is not required to obtain an E2 visa. On the other hand, his personal answer to the question is – it is not compulsory, it is indispensable.

Indeed, an immigration lawyer, ideally certified in immigration in his state, will not only help you and save you time as he usually introduces this type of application but he goes in addition to you advocate E2 visa representing with immigration if there were any problems. Being accompanied in your project by a serious professional greatly increases your chances of success in obtaining the E2 visa.

The lawyer also benefits from the secrecy of exchanges with his clients. What you tell him, he cannot be obliged to repeat it in the context of a possible investigation. When he exchanges words with his clients for example, he may not want to know the origin of their funds. He tells them to discuss this point only with their lawyer, because he does not want to be informed of something illegal for example.

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