Thursday, 28 June 2018

E2 Visa Lawyer – Know Several Requirements Of E2 Visa

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Getting in touch with an experienced E2 visa lawyer will help you in getting details about the requirements of E2 visa attorney.

As a treaty investor, you must be going to the United States to invest in a new or existing enterprise.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services define an E2 investment since the placing of certain capital, at risk in the commercial sense with the end objective of earning a huge profit.

Your investment must be indeed in a bona fide enterprise and also may not be marginal

An investment that is mainly considered bona fine is an enterprise that is active, real or entrepreneurial undertaking that generally produces tangible services or goods for profit. A marginal enterprise is mainly considered one that tends to not generate more than enough income for making a significant economic contribution or offer a minimal living for you and your family.

You can get in touch with a professional E2 visa lawyer who offers you various details about these important requirements. There are certain instances where a business owner may wish to expand or change the E2 business. It is then, the main question arises in terms of whether or not the investor must officially address this change in status, structure, etc.

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